The GAME within a GAME!!

Bowling is FUN !! Poker is FUN !!

Playing both at the SAME TIME??

Ridiculous Fun !!!!

What is Wink's Poker Bowling ™?

Simply put, a fun night of bowling where you can win

    In each game, every time you knock down 8 PINS or more in a frame, you'll pull a playing card . Once you've pulled 7 cards in a game, that's all you get for that game. (but you keep bowling) Whoever has the BEST 5 CARD Poker Hand when the game is over, wins a Grand Prize!! Plus there are other prizes for great hands that didn't win the Grand Prize. You also will receive Raffle Tickets when you check-in. MORE PRIZES!! We will draw raffles throughout the evening. SO MANY PRIZES to win!! It's all included in your Entry Fee.

Don't know how to play Poker? Don't worry!
We keep track of the cards for you and will tell you if you've won.

CLICK HERE to see the complete game format.
It will tell you how we play the game.


Your Entry Fee: $20.

This includes: 3 Games of Poker Bowling,
Free Shoe Rental (if needed)
and 5 Raffle Tickets.
PLUS .. Most of the Bowling Alleys will be
offering our group Drink & Food Specials.


We will be holding events at multiple venues throughout Broward & Palm Beach Counties

CLICK HERE to view our

So PRIZES?? Tell us about these PRIZES of which you speak.

Each Grand Prize Winner will get to choose a prize from the Grand Prize Table.
We love antiques & collectibles so we'll be enlightening your eclectic artistic tastes with valuable prizes of this ilk.
(I have no clue what we just said there but it sounds really awesome!!)
Trail of Painted Ponies Figurines - Metlox California Ceramics (1929-1988) - Giclee Paintings & Wall Art, Star Trek Collectibles & much more!!
Many will include Gift Certificates from some of our Local Sponsors, as well.

(Prizes subject to change without notice)

Consolation Prizes (aka: Bad Beat Prizes): In Poker Bowling we use 6 Decks of Cards. This creates MANY great poker hands. BUT, only one can win the Grand Prize for each game. Therefore, we give away Consolation Prizes to every hand of a Full-House or Higher that did NOT win the Grand Prize. There will be a Bad Beat Prize Table. You get to choose any gift from there. Picking order will be based upon hand rankings. Highest hand goes first. Ties will be broken by drawing numbers from a hat/bag.

Raffles: When you check-in, you will be given 5 raffle tickets. We will be drawing for raffle prizes all throughout the event. Our Raffle Prize Table will contain a wide assortment of cool stuff. Ex: Small Lots of Vintage Baseball Card Packs, DVDs, 5 Packs of Comics, Metal Bar/Wall Signs, T-Shirts ... just to name a few.

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