The Stupidity of the Pop-Up Ad Concept

First off, let me begin by saying this:

    We've all experienced them. Those annoying Pop-Up Ads that clog up our computers. So bad has this infestation gotten that there is an entire industry created to make software that BLOCKS them. Probably made by the same people who create the pop-up ads to begin with. Nothing like creating your own supply and demand. But let's get back to this concept as it was originally intended ... as an Advertising Tool:

    Aggressive, forced advertising can have a negative effect. I have never intentionally clicked on a pop-up ad nor will I ever, let alone make a purchase from one. I find them to be an infringement, almost like trespassing. Do these people who run these ads really expect anybody to actually purchase something from them? I find it hard to believe. Heck, most of the click-thru's they get had to be unintentional, anyway. Like the ones who have made the entire ad a direct link .. even the NO button, CANCEL button or the X button. Do they really think that somebody would be enticed to do business with them after being tricked to go to their website in the first place? Am I missing something here?? (Travelzoo and Orbitz will NEVER get my business!)

    And then you can add to this stupidity, this annoying variation: The Roll-Over. Simply move your mouse over it and an ad pops up, blocking the page you were trying to view. Again ... if I came there to read an article on a baseball game, why do they think I'll stop what I'm doing to purchase their Jock Itch Cream???

   "Gee .. I wonder how the Mets did last night? And boy, does my crotch itch. Wait! That's an idea! Jock Itch Cream ... and it just popped up on my screen like ..... destiny! I'm going to purchase this product right now. I can come back later and read the article on the Mets." Yeah .. right. Please.

    I understand the power of the Internet as an advertising forum and I am all for it. I also understand that it's the advertising dollars that are generated that keep most of these websites up and running. That's all well and good. But let's do it with some class. I have no problem with banner ads. At least they give me the option to go shopping or not. They are usually targeted, based upon the context of the page I'm viewing. That's just plain smart. But don't force them on me. Don't clog up my computer screen. And for heaven's sake, don't lead me astray. That's deceptive and just plain wrong.

    Quick funny side-bar on the context based advertising algorithms: A year or so ago, I was reading an article on about some men who were being tried for a gruesome murder. They threw their victim into a Lion's Den where he was mauled to death. Ok .. that part isn't funny. But on most CNN pages, they put a banner ad right in the middle of the article that tries to apply to some of the keywords of the story. The product being advertised for this article?: Purina Cat Food - For the hungry King of YOUR Jungle.

    Smile. Sigh. Ya gotta love it.