This weekend we had a large family affair. First off, for my friends from Arkansas, a family affair simply means a get together for food & drinks, etc. It does NOT mean that all the brothers, sisters and cousins get naked and hop in the Hot Tub.

As there were about 30 people, we had ordered deli platters. The usual variety of cold cuts including Pastrami. Today, I got to thinking that I really have no idea what Pastrami is? Is it an animal? I've watched a lot of Wild Kingdom and all sorts of nature shows and I can't ever recall seeing them hunting or filming any wild Pastrami in their native environment.

Is it a 4-legged animal? A reptile? A member of the bird family? I really have no clue. I'm pretty sure that Jack Hannah never brought any Pastrami's onto the set of the Tonight Show for Johnny Carson to pet. I don't think Jeff Corwin or the Late Croc Hunter ever had to relocate one for their own safety. Where are they found?

My guess is that it is a Middle Eastern breed, in that it seems to be prevalant in Jewish cultures. Almost a staple food for us, if you will. I wonder if then, the Pastrami is some form of Camel or some other type of animal indigenous to a desert climate? If anybody can shed some light on this popular creature, it would be greatly appreciated.

Next Week's Topic: Luncheon Meat - A delicious cold cut and apparently, one more of nature's elusive animals - the Luncheon.

And if there's time, we'll get into one of the most dangereous jobs in the world ... Gefilte Fishing.