Pooper Scoopers

This falls under the category of Too Funny to Be True .. BUT IT IS! Apparently, the Dog Waste Removal service is a big business.
I stumbled across them, quite by accident. (ewwww!) The NAMES and SLOGANS of these businesses are classics & REAL!

I swear I didn't make these up!

And their Slogans are Top Notch:

What I find even funnier is that each one says they are a PROFESSIONAL Cleaning Service. They've all got highly trained professional staffs. Professional? By who's standards? Is there some governing body in charge of Pet Waste Removal licensing and training? Are there College Courses teaching this? Can you earn a degree?

"This semester I'm taking POOP 1 and I hope to complete POOP 2 over the summer."

"Poop Theology - Does where and when your dog poops have a hidden meaning?"

So this now brings me to today's challenge. Let's make believe we've seen a Want Ad in our local newspaper for one of these businesses and they're looking to hire somebody. The ad says, "Please fax resume". What do you think would be good qualifications to list on your resume to help you get this job? Discuss. (This oughta be good. Giggle)