Is it just ME or is it absolutely asinine to have a Blimp providing AERIAL FOOTAGE of an INDOOR Sporting Event????? Are they kidding? Who's bright idea was that?

"Yup, Dave ... that's a building. Looks like a building from up here. Ya think that's the building where they're playing basketball right now??"

"Yes, Phil .. I believe that IS the building where they're playing basketball right now. Hey Hank, in the studio ... Are you seeing this?? I'm pretty sure we've confirmed that that's the building they're playing basketball in right now. But all we can see is the roof so we can't really tell for sure. Plus .. we're up here pretty high. Quite a good looking roof, though. Wonder what it's made of? Back to you, Hank."

MORONS!!! Also, they could shoot 40 seconds of film and leave for the night and we'd NEVER be the wiser. Just keep showing that same film clip over and over. Yup .... definitely a roof.